Slapshot Studio was birthed from the understanding that the most effective path to developing a truly remarkable brand experience is to foster authentic, caring relationships along the way.


We are more than just producers; we are teachers, with an authentic desire to transfer our collective wisdom to our clients as we journey together through the development process.

So we’ve assembled a collective of storytellers, strategists, and designers that are motivated to leverage their craft to elevate the human experience.


/SLAP’-SHOT/ (ice hockey)

a very powerful, fast-moving shot of the puck on goal made with a full backswing of the stick and an extended follow-through.


In 2013, amateur hockey player and customer service virtuoso, Jaime Jay decided to create a website development company that would cater specifically to entrepreneurs that needed a friend to guide them through the process. Someone they could trust to look out for their best interest.

Over the years, the business has grown and evolved at a rapid pace. Jaime worked diligently to develop a collective of highly skilled storytellers, strategists, and designers that are truly passionate about creativity and relationships.

In late 2016, Jaime was introduced to Jared Angaza, a lifelong brand architect and philanthropist that has just returned to the US after living for over a decade in East Africa. After working together on a project, they realized the power and synergy of their combined crafts.

At the beginning of 2017, we came together to reimagine the possibilities and create a more holistic process. Today, we’re operating a multifaceted design studio with the ability to create remarkable brands and all of the digital tools that allow them to thrive.

We love what we do, and we’d be honored to join you on your journey.


We view the world through the lenses of story and relationship.
Together, they form an experience.

We Live Deliberately.

We do not work; we exercise our craft.

Collaboration Is A Path To Creativity.

Creativity is a path to igniting your soul.

A Brand Is About Relationships Nuance, And Culture

Your brand is a communication, the language you speak.

A Brand Is An Experience.

We believe that experience should be deliberately crafted, and remarkable.

We'd Settle For Nothing Less.


Jaime Jay

Jaime Jay

Managing Director

Aileen Zapanta Aileen Zapanta

Aileen Zapanta

Administrative Assistant

Cedrick Beros Cedrick Beros

Cedrick Beros

Graphics Designer

Jared Angaza Jared Angaza

Jared Angaza

Branch Architect

Kristine Onihog Kristine Onihog

Kristine Onihog

Content Writer

Paolo Gallardo Paolo Gallardo

Paolo Gallardo

Web Developer

Sara Parrish Sara Parrish

Sara Parrish

Project Manager

Karen Onihog Karen Onihog

Karen Onihog

Content Writer

Michelle Calma Michelle Calma

Michelle Calma

Executive Assistant

Roel John Bobis Roel John Bobis

Roel John Bobis

Senior Web Developer